let me Thank:

Ohana Ukuleles, my ukulele wonderful and supportive family. If you are looking for your uke, get a Ohana.
Aquila Strings & Mercatino dell’Ukulele, my Italian wonderful and supportive Ukulele family. If you are looking for Uke strings get an Aquila strings set!
Or else: get a Living Water Strings Set, excellent fluorocarbon strings made by my dear friend Ken Middlenton.
Alma Cajon, my wonderful and supportive percussion family. If you are looking for a cajon or, even better, for a Bongo Cajon (wich fit the uke music perfectly!) get an Alma Cajon Instrument!
Partybag, my amplification wonderful and supportive family. If you are looking for a way to amplify your music wireless and moving around, get a Partybag!

And all the wonderful musicians that made me the honour to play with and learn from during all these years:
Girolamo Deraco, scintillating composer
Paul Moore, my ukulele and philosophical mentor, one of the greatest men on Earth
Luca Contini, the perfect sound engeneer
Victoria Vox, amazing singer, player and songwriter
Krabbers, my favorite uke songwriter
Gennaro Scarpato, explosive percussionist
Matteo Cammisa, mindblowing percussionist
Sara Bertolucci, Roberta Natalini, Irene Greco, the most beautiful Italian voices I ever heard
Luca Silvestri, extraordinary bass player
Tony Capula, marvelous clarinet player
Alessandro Neri, spectacular polistrumentist ans and singer
Esther Todaro, sensitive and powerful flute player
Bartt Warburton, fragorous lovely uker
Arora, my favorite acappella group
Tian Daphne, fantastic uke girl
Bruno Renato Paschoal, my gentle Brazilian uke friend
David Withwell, mr Trombone
Caterina Mancini, a viola player as good as shy
Keith Blackwell, a sweet talented friend
Yuan Deng, fiat manager and gu-zheng player
Craig Chee, and his shining ukulele laugh
Effemberg, the new Italian songwriter
Gabriele Michetti, kind doublebass player
Elisa and Marta Pietrasanta, fun and lovely singer sisters
John Howlett, my strict manager and kind friend
Le Due Nel Cappelllo, original Italian acoustic girl duo
Siwar Mansour, our musical hope for the peace in the world
Ukuleles For Peace, a bunch of crazy and lovely young friends that will make history.
Daniela Gaidano, viola, violin, and uke player and long time sweet friend
Adriano Del Sal, the best classical guitar player in the world
Amanda Spernicelli, lovely singer and actress and writer
Enrico Farnedi, fantastic trumpet player and uke songwriter
Carla Corradi Cervi and Francesco Carmignani, amazing violin couple.
Filippo Brancoli Pantera, ThinkVisual – it’s photography, for enriching my music with his wonderful art.

Also thanks for the support and the inspiration to Marco De Faveri, Riccardo Zanon, Ivan Viola, Catia Padreddii, Gianni and Mara and Elisa Vignando, Mimmo Peruffo, Beth and Guido, Chiara Gaetani, Danielle Greear, Fabio Barbon, Alessio Ambrosi, Debora Pioli, Juan Garrido, Paola Massoni, Keith Altomare, Ivana Cesarec, Daniel and Courtney, Paul Bradly, Franco Martini, Marco Salotti, Francesco Albertazzi, Massimo Salotti, Scuola di Musica Sinfonia, Russel Gong, Gerd Rozinsky, am 1400 kbch radio, Alberto Zanon, Cirque De L’Eau, Elisa Giuseppin, Bob Brozman, Willy Montini, Sand of Gospel Choir, Ada Iuri, my two homes: Lucca – Tuscany and Lignano Sabbiadoro – Friuli.