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Ukulollo’s new Album: Devotion

Fotoritratto Ukulollo

Devotion CDDear Friends,

My new Album is ready. Its title is “Devotion” and it is a contemporary piece of Ukulele music with a very unique sound.

The songs of Devotion were written and arranged by me for ukuleles and voices, and then, magically dressed up with four classical instruments. The wizard who made it possible is the great composer and my dear friend Girolamo Deraco. You’ll hear the flute of Esther Todaro, the Clarinets of Tony Capula, the Doublebass of Gabriele Michetti, the Vibraphone and Classic percussion of Matteo Cammisa. Luca Contini recorded all the instruments with a sensitive stereo perspective, in order to capture the most natural sound possible. This Album is also full of guests: two wonderful Italian girls, Irene Greco and Sara Bertolucci cirped through the whole record, Bartt Warburton sang and played a song with me, Keith Blackwell lent his voice for my homage to Neil Armstrong, Craig Chee wrote the words to a song and played a memorable solo, and Paul Moore gave us fun and goosebumps in two songs!

To summarize: Thanks to all this wonderful artists and friends this album turned out as the most beautiful thing I’ve ever done in my life. Listen to it and come see us touring live, I promise it’s gonna be a very unique experience.


foto gruppo CON NOMI bassa-01

Ukulollo – Vocals, Ukulele and Cajon

Girolamo Deraco – Arrangements and direction
Irene Greco – Vocals
Sara Bertolucci – Vocals

Opus Ensemble:
Esther Todaro – Flute
Tony Capula – Clarinets
Gabriele Michetti – Doublebass
Matteo Cammisa – Vibraphone and┬áPercussions

Luca Contini – Sound Engineer

Special guests
Paul Moore, Bartt Warburton, Keith Blackwell, Craig Chee, Keith Altomare

Produced by Lorenzo Vignando and Girolamo Deraco with the precious support of

Ohana smallaquila small


Art concept by Lorenzo Vignando, Girolamo Deraco.
Ukulollo portrait, taken by Craig Chee.

Recorded in Lucca, Udine,Los Angeles and Eugene from october 2012 to january 2013. Mixed and mastered in Lucca by Luca Contini and Lorenzo Vignando.

Thanks to all the wonderful artists above for putting not only their precious time, but the best of their skill and feelings into this project.

Also thanks for the support and the inspiration to Marco De Faveri, Riccardo Zanon, Ivan Viola, Catia Padreddii, Gianni and Mara Vignando, Elisa and Leon Larriva, Mimmo Peruffo, Daniela Gaidano, Betty Zulian and Guido, Sara Magon and Clara Zucche, Chiara Gaetani, Danielle Greear, Fabio Barbon, Alessio Ambrosi, Federico De Robertis, Debora Pioli, Juan Garrido, Paola Massoni, Ivana Cesarec, Louis Wu, Siwar Mansour, Paul Bradney, Franco Martini, Marco Salotti, Massimiliano Mansutti, Russel Gong, Adriano Del Sal, Gerd Rozinsky, Alberto Zanon, Elisa Giuseppin, my Tamburini friends of the most beautiful city in the whole world: Lucca.

devotion locandina part2J 2013

The Latest Devotion Video featuring Irene Greco

The First Devotion Video, the Earth under my feet